Floor Tiles: FAUX Wood Tiles

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Names of Floor Tiles: Porcelain Faux wood in The Slide.

  • 1P-Brasilia-Castano
    Family Brasilia Product Type Block Size 19 3×120 Thickness 11 5 Location Internal Wall Use Medium-External Access Aspect Wood Colour Marron Finish.
  • 2V-Tavola-Zebrano
  • 3P-Vintage
  • 4V-Legno-Abete-Bianco
  • 5P-Toscano-Wenge
  • 6V-Legno-Frassino
  • 7P-Lenyo-Selecto
  • 8V-Tavola-Natura
  • 9V-Tavola-Grigio
  • 10V-Tavola-Foresta-Antislip
  • 11V-Tavola-Tahari-Borneo
  • Alaska-natural-Pietra-stone_H
  • Montana-honey
  • Mykonos-natural-Tavola-cream
  • Tavola-rovere-antiSlip

These are pictures of beautiful faux wood floor tiles, they are wood look-alikes also known as Wood-Grain Tile and are good for the kitchen, bathroom, and other flooring applications.
There are numerous brands and product variations of wood effect tiles, they are one of the key emerging trends in interior design right now, capturing the beauty of natural timber and combining it with the durability and ease of maintenance of tiles.
This makes it the most preferable product over wood flooring as it is easy to maintain, which means it is cost effective in the long run.
Wood tiles are also more durable in terms of unlimited applications and can be used for far much better design uniqueness which makes it a sustainable product to normal wood flooring.

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You can download a free pdf catalog of these tiles varieties.


    1. DURABILITY     Wood flooring is notoriously difficult to maintain. It scratches, dents, warps, cracks, and chips under stress from traffic, pets, and messes. It needs to be cleaned regularly and refinished/resealed every couple of years. Wood-look flooring is easy to maintain and easy to clean. You don’t have to be careful about your cleaning methods or worry about damaging tile when your dog runs to the door or your child drops the entire pitcher of red punch. If damage does occur, you can replace a single tile (or multiple tiles) easily without having to rip up a whole section of the floor. You should consider putting down new sealer every 3-5 years to keep moisture from seeping into the tile or the grout.
      Wood flooring can run anywhere from N5,000-N20,000 per square meter or more depending on the type of wood you want to install. Not to mention maintenance cost, you may start wondering if it’s worth all that vanity.Tile costs about the same as wood but it is not as labor intensive as wood planks. The cost of maintenance on tile includes a simple resealing rather than the resurfacing, refinishing, and resealing that wood flooring requires.Technology in the tile industry has produced tiles that looks so much like wood you’d have to get down on your hands and knees to see the difference. Little details like grain, knots, and differences in shade are easily replicated on a tile. That means that you can get the look of a costly, exotic wood at a much more reasonable tile price.
      Wood can fade when exposed to too much sunlight and warp when exposed to too much moisture. If you were hoping for hardwood flooring design in the kitchen or bathroom, am sorry to disappoint you, but that is a bit far fetch. Wood-effect tiles can go just about anywhere, including in the shower and outdoors (flooring of your porch and patio)-where wood just doesn’t cut it. It actually repels liquid, eliminating problems with staining, mold, and warping.
    Designing a CUSTOMIZED pattern on a wood floor can be expensive and time-consuming. With tile, customization is built in. You can mix-and-match colors, grains, and sizes for your own unique design.

You can create a custom flooring design that’s one of a kind with various brands selections in the market, that offers you wider planks design than you can get in wood. Most wood planks are fairly narrow because the wider the plank, the easier it warps.

    The glazed tile is just covered with one layer of glaze on the polished tile. In comparison, it is more bright and penetrating but not so wear-proof as the polished tile. It is the thick crystal that makes the polished tile’s surface more wear-resisting while the glazed tile’s surface is very thin and not that much wear-proof, it’s just one layer of glaze.
    Nearly 20 million trees are cut down each year. Wood-look flooring can help cut down that staggering number. Tile gives the warmth and welcoming look of wood without destroying a single tree.

The tile materials can last many decades. You’ll want to update your look long before your tile wears out.

Nothing matches the appeal, warmth, and performance of Daltile’s wood-look tile. Create a beautiful floor today with our wood-mimicking selections and find the durable alternative you’ve been looking for.